Festschrift: The Evolution of Rationality

evolution.jpgThe Evolution of Rationality: Interdisciplinary Essays in Honor of J. Wentzel Van Huyssteen (ed. F. LeRon Shults; William B. Eerdmans, 2007)

The essays in this book has been compiled in celebration of the 65th birthday of J. Wentzel van Huyssteen, James I. McCord Professor of Theology and Science at Princeton Theological Seminary. Various scientists, philosophers, and theologians have contributed to this volume and explored the impact of Professor van Huyssteen’s scholarly work not only on a diverse number of disciplines, but also on the shape and texture of the interdisciplinary conversation itself. The title of this book - The Evolution of Rationality - points toward a major leitmotif in van Huyssteen’s writings. His philosophical contributions to methodological debates about the relation between religion and science have focused on the nature and dynamics of embodied human rationality, which operates between various intellectual domains and accross disciplines. Professor has also had a long-standing interest in the sciences of evolutionary biology, and has demonstrated how discoveries in these - and related - fields may help us understand the emergence and development of human rationality itself. The ‘evolution of rationality’ is a general theme that unites the various chapters of this book, although the contributions come from a rich variety of disciplinary perspectives.